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2011年秋から3DCG中心に学ぶ。立教大学4年。2014年卒業予定。 I started to studying CG at 2011 autumn. and I'm now Freelance CG Artist(Model,Sculpt,Composit) Until March 2014 ,I m belonging to University in Tokyo. MainTools______Maya,Zbrush,Vray,Nuke,AfterEffects,Photoshop /facebook....森田 悠揮(Morita Yuuki) /twitter....YuukiMorita_jp /contact.....itisoneness@gmail.com


SHOWREEL 2012!!!!!

this is my first showreel!

One year has passed since i have just started 3dcg.
 this reel included works i made from the autumn of 2011 to the autumn of 2012.

During the year, i spent the time studying art, and this is the result!

i hope you like it, and keep eyes on me!!


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